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Romancing the Emotional Duke
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Love is sometimes found in the most unlikely places…


Lady Anne Hathaway is the eldest daughter of the Earl and Countess of Eversfield. She has had two failed London Seasons and is nearing spinster age. When she hears of her father’s plans for her to marry Viscount Halsbrook, she fears that she will spend the rest of her days consigned to a loveless marriage. A chance encounter with two unruly children causes Anne to cross paths with their handsome father. Will, she finally find love, or will the dark figure lurking in the shadows threaten her last chance of happiness?


Duncan Wentworth, The Duke of Brondesbury, tragically lost his wife three years ago. He lives a reclusive life in the countryside with his twins Chloe and Marcus. When his mother asks him to spend Christmastide in London with his family, an unexpected run-in with Anne and their blossoming romance that follows leave him wondering if it’s time to let go of his past finally.


Will they be able to overcome the forces pulling them apart and find love during this Christmas season?

Imperiled by a Lady's Love
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True love overlooks all imperfections...

Sophia Whitfield is the only daughter of The Viscount Glenthorpe. She hasn't had an easy time these last three years since the tragic loss of her mother. Her first London Season a year ago was a failure and she is approaching spinster age. When she encounters the roguish Marquess of Somersworth she feels a host of butterflies in her stomach. But can she trust her heart with the roguish gentleman?

Colin Easton, The Marquess of Somersworth, has developed a reputation as a rogue amongst the ton. He is mortified when his brother charges him with the chaperoning of their cousin during the upcoming London Season. When he meets Sophia something changes inside of him and he soon starts believing in love.

But their blossoming romance will be tested when Sophia feels that eyes are following her every movement. Will Colin be able to save her in time when a dark family secret is exposed?

Enamored with a Scarred Lady
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True beauty is found in the heart and not outward appearances...


Amy Reid is the eldest daughter of the Earl and Countess of Winterton. Two years ago she was madly in love and betrothed to a handsome Marquess. But after a horrific carriage accident left her face scarred, her heart was broken when the Marquess called off their engagement. Amy now enjoys the solitude of the countryside and tending to injured animals. But her peaceful life is interrupted when she is expected to return to London for her younger sister's debut in the upcoming London Season. When Amy is introduced to an old friend of her brother, his intense gaze leaves her feeling that he's just like the rest... someone who only sees her for her scars. 


Matthew Seymour, the Marquess of Chesterford, has the sea as his only mistress. Five years ago he has left a broken man after the untimely death of his beloved Elizabeth. Matthew is devastated when he receives word from his father requesting that he return to London. When he encounters Amy at an old friend's engagement dinner, she ignites something inside him that he thought he would never feel again.


Amy and Matthew soon develop an undeniable connection. But as their love blossoms, outside forces have plans to keep them apart. Can Matthew beat the odds stacked against them or will he lose Amy forever?

Falling For The Guarded Duke
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True love comes from the heart and not from what one can see…


Olivia Heywood has accepted her fate that she will remain a spinster for the rest of her life. Since her father The Duke of Shalestone’s death a year ago, she has been left with nothing but crippling debts. Olivia does not want her sister to endure the same fate as her. So when an opportunity to become a dance instructor to a wealthy Marquess arises, she believes it may be the answer to her problems. 


Alexander Sedgewick is the Marquess of Lovewell and is set to inherit the dukedom of Bembridge. He was born almost blind and has grown accustomed to his world of darkness. A failed courtship and disastrous London Season has led him to a recluse life in the London countryside. His worst nightmare comes true when his father falls ill and forces him to once again attend the London Season. But when a young dance instructor comes into his life, she lights up the dark world he has only ever known. 


Olivia is intrigued by the recluse Marquess of Lovewell. As she instructs him in the art of dancing, Olivia discovers there is more to Alexander than meets the eye. Alexander vowed not to fall in love again, but being with Olivia has given him hope. Will Olivia and Alexander be able to overcome their biggest fears? Or will the obstacles standing in the way of their blossoming love tear them apart?

Trapped in the Marquess' Heart
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A lady has a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger at a masquerade ball...


Belle Gordon is the only daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Rayborn. From an early age, words have never come easily for her. After a disastrous London Season two years ago, she now enjoys the solitude of the countryside. But her tranquil life is thrown into turmoil when she is forced to participate in the upcoming London Season. When Belle unexpectedly encounters a mysterious stranger at a masquerade ball, she is surprised by how at ease she feels in his presence.


Aaron Wilmore, the Marquess of Ginavale, has spent the last five years living in India. Six years prior he met the love of his life but was left devastated by her untimely death. Aaron returns to London after receiving a letter from his beloved sister inviting him to her upcoming wedding. When he encounters a mysterious lady during a masquerade ball which leaves him desiring to see her again, the only clue he has to her identity is the beautiful sapphire pendant necklace she was wearing around her neck.


Belle and Aaron soon develop an undeniable connection. But as their love blossoms, outside forces have other plans to keep them apart. Can Belle and Aaron overcome the obstacles standing in their way?

The Duke's Last Dance
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A childish infatuation, a special dance and a sentimental brooch…


Catherine Radcliffe is the only daughter of the Earl and Countess of Camberton and she is set to make her debut at the upcoming London Season. Catherine is swept off her feet by the dashing Duke of Hestina. But when her childhood sweetheart returns to London after he vanished three years ago, it stirs up old childhood feelings. Catherine is left conflicted as to whether what she feels for Nicholas is merely an old childish infatuation.


Nicholas Lockhart, the Marquess of Gracemere, has spent the last three years serving in the English military. He returns to London after receiving news that his father has fallen ill. When Nicholas sees Catherine again, it stirs up old feelings and he comes to the realization that he is still in love with her.


Will Catherine and Nicholas be able to explore their old feelings for each other or will outside forces prevent them from ever finding out?

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